Friday, January 23, 2009

The price and volume action

Forex Trading can be as simple or difficult as we choose to make it. This is something that you can individual choose.

With so many different types of technical analysis from Japanese candlesticks, MACD, RSI to help guide us when trading, sometimes this can go from helping us to causing us headaches. By the time we chart all the different types of technical analysis the trade has gone. So something to learn quickly from this is that we should not place too much emphasis on any form of technical analysis.

So with all the forms of technical analysis available there should always be one that we do focus on that’s volume and price. With all these tools available it all comes from these sources in price and volume.

Understand the past it must have come from somewhere

We need to look back at technical indicators that have come about over the past 30 years, no matter which one they have all been brought about from a mixture of price and volume. This tells us one thing if your chart is saying one thing and the price is saying the other. You guessed it. Price Wins. At the end of the day the prices is never wrong, it is the price after all. Hence no matter how great or bad the chart looks, the price is still the key factor we are all after.

This doesn’t mean that we through out all of charts and just look the indicator, but we need to use as many pieces of the puzzle to give us the real picture. This will assist us in our future planning and hopefully increase our chances of becoming a profitable trader.

Understand This:

From time to time indicators will point a change in trend. Divergence, when the prices is indicating on thing and the indicator is indicating another. This is a crucial aspect of technical analysis.

Remember the profit or loss comes from the Money. So price is never wrong. We make money from prices, not indicators. So focus on prices and volume - and let indicators give you a second opinion or simply the confirmation. This is why when trading I love to remind people of this stop losses. If you’re a trader never put on a trade without a stop loss. If possible use a platform that offers guaranteed stop losses.

What is the best way to trade forex?

Today the Forex Market has become very saturated and confusing with all the choises and options, both online and offline to begin your research on trading and making money. Where do you start, and unless you have several free hours I couldn’t list all of them here.

In the market place today we can find seminars, articles, workshops, video tutorials, and books on the topic of how to make money currency trading. Everything from honest forex trading ideas, forex reports to Forex Scams. So if we are new to the market how do we not get ripped off?

A well designed trading system will reduce your work dramatically. This in turn gives you time to focus on studying the market and plotting your strategy.

If you’re like me however, there never seems to be enough time in the day between my family obligations and work to put in the serious study it takes to master the Forex market.

It is a pretty steep learning curve, and it can be pretty daunting at first for someone just learning how to trade.

There is one more way to make money currency trading. It’s probably the best bet for beginners and those of us who are pressed for time. The process is an automated trading system, generally called a Forex Robot.

There are many of these Forex Robots (Forex Expert Advisors) out there, but they aren’t all created equal. Many of these so called automatic forex systems are nothing more than scams.

With my husband we took a look at the potential profitability of trading with a Forex EA. We also discussed that that there are many Forex Robots that are downright scams. In other words, all Forex Robots are not created equal.

I recently had a friend call me who had been trading on the currency market for some time, and was making some pretty good money trading Forex the traditional way. He excitedly told me that he had recently found a Forex Robot that was recommended by a fellow trader.

He went on to tell me that although he was skeptical of these automated Forex Robot software, and believed like I did that most of them were scams, he decided to give it a try. The results were nothing short of phenomenal.

Before you invest in any of theses products however, make sure you find out what the risk/reward profile is with the trading software you are looking at.

As an example, some of these software products come with risk/reward ratios of 2:1, while some even have a risk/reward ratio as high as 35:1.These ratios are not acceptable, and you need to look elsewhere, otherwise you’ll lose all your trading funds pretty quickly.

Any automated trading software that comes with more than a 1:1 risk should be avoided like the plague.

I want to emphasize that there are great Forex expert advisors and trading Robots that can make you good money, but you need to know how to recognize them, I have suggested a couple of places to start your search, but please do your own research.

It has been conclusively proven that automated products which adopt strict and professionally set guidelines and that will never allow you more than a 1:1 run, reduce the risk of destroying your trading account.

Did you know that there are average people out there making between $3500.00 to $4000.00 per month trading in the Forex market? How are they doing it? Find out how a powerful and “smart” Forex Robot is creating life-changing incomes for many people who have never traded the Currency market before.